Saturday, September 20, 2014

Rescue Dogs

Rescue dogs aren't like other dogs. They have a story. It's usually a sad story, but it's their story. Through their sadness they are able to find strength, and an appreciation for their life that is unlike anything you've ever seen. They will sit and they will wait day after day, sometimes for weeks. They will see so many faces on a daily basis and see so many friends just like them, with stories, come and go. They will continue to wait until that one day when that one special human walks in and their eyes meet and they both know..............that their story together is just beginning. Rescue dogs don't just get rescued,  they rescue you too. Their warmth and their genuine thankfulness for you and for their life is witnessed from the moment your eyes meet at the shelter and every day that follows.  Don't feel sorry for rescue dogs, learn from them, adopt them, love them, and watch your life change and your mindset grow as you see things through their eyes and share your story with them!!

Once you get them home, that is when your story TOGETHER begins. You find out their lil quirks, and their fears, and their triggers, and their needs, and how you can help them, and how they help you. Learning their stories over time, the stuff they weren't told upfront at the shelter or because the dog came in a stray, is an interesting process. I have had my five rescues for two years and with Shiloh, his story is still unfolding. He still has a fear of men when they are standing. He wont go in front of you in a small room, he goes behind you where he can see you but you can't see him. When I cry his world is torn apart, he hates it. We are slowly learning cues that work with him. He is my greatest protector. You can't hug me without his consent. He came to the shelter with a brother who was more brave and he stayed behind him the whole time they were there. When his brother got adopted I was there in minutes to get Shiloh. I love him more than words. Monty Boy is my dumped dog. I saw it happen with my own eyes and found him running a few days later and took him to shelter only to adopt him a few days later. I have since found out things that happened to him before he was dumped and you would never know it. He is the sweetest dog and always happy. The second I put him in my truck after saving him from the road he was licking Leo's toes. He has become Max's best friend. He has seperation issues when Max leaves. But its nothing a lil romp with his OCD with a toy won't fix. lmao Another of my amazing rescues who is the BEST dog. Mocha doesn't really have any issues. He obviously didn't come from a home with a vacuum cuz he has no concept. He won't move lmao I'm pretty sure he is part bear and part mini Newfoundland. His fur is amazeballs. He is a chunky monkey laptop dog. You sit and he is on you. Perfectly potty trained. I still can't believe he went unclaimed. My precious gain!! Scottie was said to be unhousebroken........well that was false the second he got to my house. His previous owner was the unhousebroken one, not him. He is Leo's lil buddy. I think they are twins, partners in crime for sure. Those are our stories so far....

What is your story with your rescue dog??

Til next time...

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