Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Happenings

Hello people!! :)

I dont blog like I should. And Im ok with that. People who want to know what Im up to just read my Facebook. I dont like to double up and put the same stuff in a billion places. Im weird like that. I usually save up and then do one blog covering a bunch of diff things that have happened over the last month or so. So, thats what ya get from me, take it or leave it. :)

The biggest news from the past month was our search yet again for a place for our horses to live. What I plan to do is buy some land one of these days and if it has a barn already on it with fenced pasture that would be IDEAL. Until that ideal location actually presents itself and becomes a reality, just know that they are staying at a wonderful place with a wonderful family who loves enjoys having them at their place. It was a stressful situation to have to go through again. We have been moving them about every 8 months. I credit my theory of guardian angels disguised as friends for providing our boys a very quiet and calm place for them to call home. They seem to be really happy. Mac is like a different horse. He usually focuses so much on the mares that live with him. Now he has no mares to distract him and steal all of his attention. Poor guy has to get attention from (gasp!) humans now!! haha He has been a sweetie and its helping him to be less skittish. Sisco is still Sisco, my giant dog in a horses body who follows me around and loves attention attention attention. Heres a look at them in their new place, running and enjoying themselves, and then another in front of the big red pretty barn:

Lets see, what else. Hannah and I have been riding 2-3 times a week. She actually got on Mac one day. She fell off of him, but she got on him in the first place and thats what counts!!
My new old job is going well. Im back into the groove and its almost like I never left 7 years ago. Im very thankful that my Sue Sue is still there!! She keeps me sane most days. JRS brings a smile to my face on the days she is there!! I have a blast with Bailey Hailey!! Its good to actually like your job. :)
Max had Family Fun Night at his school last week. We now have a new member of the family as a result. He got a ping pong ball into a fish bowl on his first shot and won a fish who we named Pong. Heres Pong in his lil home:

Lets see, what else is new. I got a new cell phone. Yes, again. I loved my LG but it was only a tri-band and in this area, I have to have a quad band. So I got a new phone. I love love love it!!! Wow!! HTC rocks!! :)

Hannah has her first Choir Concert coming up this month so I will post a blog about that. Max has a Music Program on the 1st of December and he has a speaking part. Eek!! I will post about that as well. New Moon comes out next week and we already have Date Night planned with TCF so that will generate some news as it always does. hehe Then its Thanksgiving, YUM!!

Til next time.... (The Steelers are on, I gotta go!!) :)