Sunday, December 4, 2011

December is here....

I am 30 weeks today!! :)

I am doing well and so is baby Leo. He is quite the mover and hiccuper!! He gets them at least 3 times a day!! I had a checkup last Friday and he is measuring a smidge big, was head down at the appt, and I am starting my two weeks appts. Holy cow!! That makes it all seem so........close.

Although things are ok with Leo, I still have a hard time believing its real, that Im really going to bring home a baby this time. I guess after what I went through with my angel Owen, that is perfectly understandable. Sometimes, I find myself slipping up and calling Leo by Owens name. Its such a weird thing, being pregnant with a baby, going to the hospital and having that baby, and then not bringing that baby home. It messes with your head a bit. I know that my Owen is in Heaven watching over us, but sometimes my mind gets confused. Im sure once I see Leo's little face looking at me, everything will fall into place and make sense. I look so forward to that day!! Leo Russell Owen, I cant wait to meet you!! Angel Owen is watching over his baby brother and namesake, keeping him safe. <3

Enjoy this Christmas season with your families and remember to live each day to its fullest!!