Friday, August 7, 2009

Growin up!!!

Maxers is a 1st grader now!! :) I am so proud of him!! For preschool, he cried the first day. For kindergarten, he cried the first day. I was waiting for the same on the first day of 1st grade. I was happily surprised when he SMILED the first day!!!! I thought he would be nervous, but he wasnt. He honestly seemed eager and happy and excited to go to.............SCHOOL!!! GASP!!!! It was such a nice change. He has his buddy Jake in class with him again this year. He and Jake have been together since preschool, so its become a tradition now for them. They are both getting so big and grown up!! <3

Oh and Max wants everyone to know that he is preparing for his next Max Dot Com!! :) I will post it once his next creation is complete!!!!

My other two kids wont be left out!! They too seemed happy on their first day of school!!! I was starting to feel like I was being Punked!!! lol They are both middle schoolers this year!!! Hannah was nervous at first but now she loves it. Brodie is a go with the flow kinda kid and has never minded going to school. Might I also add that only having to drive to two schools this year is totally AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

I miss my kiddos during the day when I sit home......alone...........bored, but its nice to have the quiet while I do all the mommy things that need done. Wait a minute................I dont have quiet!!!! Even though the kids arent home, I still have these wild and loud doggies here to drive me crazy all day!!! I guess its just a different kind of "quiet" that the kids bring back with them once they are home with me. ;)

In other news, my vague kind of news that means nothing to anyone but myself. I think I may have figured out a solution........thanks in large part to stumbling accidentally upon something while looking at something else and to Charles who took the time to help me sort it all out!!! You rock, Charles!! :)

Tomorrow I get to go to my first ever horse show!! Im totally pumped!!! If you cant tell by my constant usage of the word TOTALLY!!!!!!!! :)

Thats all!!


Sunday, August 2, 2009

The latest and greatest.....

MICKEY!!!!!!!!!! This is the latest edition to our family. Hubby surprised us with him this morning. Aint he cute!! Hes four and a half months old, hes a Shichon, and his name is obviously Mickey.

Mickey is hubbys dog!! You wouldnt think it by seeing it, but he is!! Hes getting along very well with Peanut and Fozzie, which is such a great thing!! :)

We went school supply and school clothes shopping yesterday!! Why does this picture apply?? Cuz my awesome wonderful super fabulous hubby bought these for me for school!! :) A new Jessica handbag and a new pair of Jessica flats!! AWESOME!!! Hey, Im going back to school a diff sort of way!!!

We have a busy busy busy week this week coming up!! Monday will be the only free day. Tuesday Hannah has something going on in the morning and Maxers does at night, Wednesday I have something going on in the morning, and then Thursday is the first day of school!!!! Were just days away from being back to the grind!! lol

Thats about all thats new around here!!!