Saturday, October 3, 2009

New Job!! :)

This blog is dedicated to Jill cuz shes been asking for it for days now!!

Ok, so heres the you know I was subbing in the elementary schools. Loved it. I was good at it. It wasnt steady enough. Period. Theres more to the story but I dont care to bore you or myself with it. Its in the past and Im blogging about the PRESENT!!!

A few months ago I had the opportunity to return to an old job at our local newspaper working in advertising. At that time I had different plans for myself. Those plans involved going back to school to get my Masters, and working at the school fit right into those plans. We wont go into all the details and the whys, but it was just what I thought I was supposed to be doing at the time. Well, needless to say, real life and real bills and real responsibilities trumped over the school idea. Im finally in a place where I have things on track and manageable. I didnt feel the need to tack on more and throw things all out of whack. So, I didnt....

Then I was lucky enough to have the same opportunity come calling again!! I found myself so very excited about it making a reappearance!! I immediately skipped uptown and left a note on my old boss' desk. She got back with me and we met and the rest is history!!

IM BACK!!! Im an Advertising Representative again!!! This is what I was doing before Maxers was born. At that time, I stayed mostly inside the office. This time I will be mostly outside the office. I have a set list of accounts and I can always expand that list with new clients if the occasion arises. Basically what I do is this. I go see my clients on a weekly basis. I let them know about any specials we have going on, any special sections we have coming up, and find out what they are needing as far as advertising. Then I head back to the office and schedule the ads, draw them up with my ideas for the ad, and send the ads back to the graphic design girls and they computerize it and get it ready to appear in the paper and on the website.

I was there four days last week, meeting my people and getting my feet wet, trying to recall all these old memories of how things are done in the advertising world. Finally, on Friday, I got my KEY to the office. hehe I knew I would be going in on Saturday and getting my desk cleaned and organized according to how I need it to be to function. Yall know Im weird and picky and anal, and my desk just was.....not. Well, after FOUR HOURS, of me, Hannah, and Max working on my desk, it is done and clean and sanitized and organized and ready to go on Monday!!!

Here are some pics of the finished product!!! The second pic shows my new phone. I just couldnt keep that old one, it freaked me out. Germs. Yick. I dont do germs. We went through a whole container of Clorox wipes while cleaning this desk. lmao

How do you like it??? Yes, I had all the things that I wanted to take in and put at my desk sitting on my dining table for four days. I couldnt wait til it was mine all mine!! Doesnt the new clean black phone look so much better than the germy yellowed yicky phone?? lol My kids all drew or colored me a picture. They are on my bulletin board. Max colored a bee, Hannah colored a horse, and Brodie drew me a Starbucks mocha. I will use the bottom of the bulletin board for actual work things. I dont usually put alot of things up there, just schedules and monthly calendars. My pics and knick knacks are color coordinated (lmao) in green and blue. My work things that Ill take with me daily are PINK. That painting is one that I did that goes with a set of 3 that I have at my house but I took it away from the set to have at work.

So anyway, thats that. Any questions?? (Did I cover it enough for ya JB??)

Til next time...