Monday, June 29, 2009

Random SRYS Babble for ROB

So Ive been told to blog. Again. This seems to happen alot. Apparently Im not regular enough for some folks. But at least I do what Im told..........right? lol

Since this is random babble, it most likely wont make sense. If it does, then you have some serious problems. Its ok tho, most likely Ill still love you anyway.

So today while I was getting ready, I noticed yet again how my hair looks so completely AWESOME.......................upside down. I call this my Farrah look, and Ive taken pics of it before. (Miss you Farrah!!) Anyway..............WHY is this?? I mean come on, its just not FAIR!! I used to think that all my friends with short hair cut their hair short because of small Im certain its because they couldnt take the fact that their hair looked better upside down ANYMORE!! So if you ever see me with short hair...........first look outside and make sure there are no flying pigs........then if there arent, rest assured that I couldnt take my upside down hairs awesomeness anymore.

Knock knock jokes. Ive grown to hate them. My kids can sit for HOURS telling knock knock jokes, making up knock knock jokes, and just driving me insane with knock knock jokes. Im gonna give the name a dual purpose if the joking continues. ;)

What else?

Summer. Well now that its finally arrived, its going well. The kids swim on almost a daily basis. Weve found out that Hannah is our child doomed to be plagued with Swimmers Ear. Max is trying to learn to swim. Brodie..........hes just Brode.

Friends. Weve had some fun with friends on a few occasions. I really love having great friends who we both (hubby and me) have alot in common with. We tend to think we are a bit on the odd side and most people cant relate to us. Im glad I have been proven wrong on this matter!!

Recede. I dont like things that recede. The end.

Big Brother. Its almost time!! Anyone else a fan?? Let me know if you are!!

School. I keep my peepers posted on the job openings. Im torn though, gimme your input on what I should do. 1.) Stay a ST or 2.) try to get an IA spot if one opens in my fave school or 3.) Aimees plan for me? :)

Shopping. Ive done it. hehe I got some good stuff. hehe I cant even tell you cuz its THAT good. hehe Needless to say Im done shopping now for quite a while.

Thats all I got. (Sorry dude, its been pretty chill in steffi world lately.)

Everyone give yourself a big hug from me and know that I love ya and Im blessed beyond belief to have yall in my life!! Each day is a gift, thats why they call it the present!! Friends are the family we choose!! Enjoy the little things in life, cuz one day youll realize they are the big things!! Live, laugh, love!! :)

Til next time...