Sunday, October 6, 2013


Self righteous, entitled, holier than thou, egotistical, narcissistic, fake, dishonest, phony, manipulative, scheming, conniving, disloyal, pathetic, disgusting, two faced, and on and on....
People that make EVERYTHING about them because, after all, its ALL about them, no matter if its nothing about them, its ALL about them.
I really cannot stand most people. I really really really really just want out of here.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Friends Sweet Friends

I like to share things I learn about life through my own experiences and this is something I have learned lately. It doesn't matter how much all the crappy bad people have or how they have wronged us, and we shouldn't focus on that. They will get what they deserve. They will. Honestly, you guys and myself are the ones who REALLY have it all!!!!!!! We have eachother and when we have real, caring, and truth in our lives, and once we allow ourselves to REALIZE all the GOOD we have, all the OTHER crap just sifts itself away.
I was just reminded how happy and thankful I am for you real, true, honest, genuine, compassionate, empathetic, remorseful, sweet, kind, humble, amazing friends!!!!!!!!!!!!! You guys know the true meaning of friendship. I love y'all and without you guys I wouldn't have gotten past a few humps the past couple years have thrown at me. So thank you and never once forget that you have a friend in me.
Y'all also stuck by my side at a time when even I wouldn't have wanted to be around me. lol I can be a handful. I can be stubborn. I can obsess. I can stew over things. I can get pretty fired up when people get wronged and want justice. I'm pretty sure I was an outlaw in another life. hehe In time though, I see the light and I get a handle on what I need to focus on. ;)