Thursday, September 26, 2013

Practice What You Preach

I give people chances. Too often too many chances. I want to believe people are good and caring. The Psych side of me wants to believe that if someone has an issue they will want to change it and improve. There are certain things about people that I keep my mind open to. Religion is one of them. I am a huge huge huge question person and I have alot of science in me but I still enjoy learning about... the side that I didn't have alot of growing up, the religious side. In a way I hold people that recite proverbs and excerpts from the Bible to a higher standard. I expect them to be a shining example of what they preach to others. Some truly are. The majority, it seems, are not. They are false. They preach preach preach and throw out Bible this and Bible that. They walk through those church doors every Sunday or Saturday or Wednesday. I'm honestly amazed that they don't burst into flames. If you look closely at this type of person you will see what a scoundrel they are, how they feel superior to people, how they hold others they deem unworthy down, how they use and instigate and manipulate. I am not a religious person, nor am I a perfect person, but I am pretty certain that isn't how God would want His stuff played out.

Just as the nasty people appear to be banding together just out of utter nastiness and because anyone truly good in their life has banished them so they have no one left but fellow nasties...........those of us truly good folk are forming a bond and gaining strength as a unit out of compassion for one anothers experiences with the nasties and are no longer holding back from letting everyone know that we are strong and you cannot hurt us anymore . GOOD will prevail!!!!


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