Monday, July 23, 2012

Me :)

After two years of being a zombie and living for other people, I am now back to being me. I still have some lingering issues stemming from grief that I am constantly working on each and every day but for the most part, I feel like myself again, I feel content and free. I dont know where life is going to take me now, but Im ready!! <3


Thursday, July 12, 2012


Life. Well, life as I know it for the past 4, almost 5, months has pretty much centered around Leo and making all of the new adjustments to having a baby around after 10 years of not having a baby around. It took a lil bit to get into the swing of things, but now we have a schedule and things are pretty normal. Well, as normal as they ever get in my house. lol

Leo is getting big and is always trying to do things that he should be doing a month from now!! That doesnt stop him though!! He already has two teeth, he is "this" close to sitting up, he blows spit bubbles and thinks its hilarious, hes in the Stranger Fear stage which is not fun at all and makes my family think he hates them which makes me mad cuz hes just a baby and doesnt know what hate is duh, he smiles and laughs, he eats food, he grabs everything, he pulls hair, he screams at the top of his lungs for no reason, and his latest trick is arching his back out of nowhere. Its sad that I only have a few weeks left of being home all day with him, then its back to school and..............hopefully work. Trusting someone else to care for him is a big issue with me. I get anxiety when I think about it. Ugh. Thats normal though, right?

High school. Yes, I now have not one, but two kids in high school. Seriously, how did I get this old? I find myself constantly thinking about how I am going to react to things and how to parent during these teenage years. I remember how I was and it makes me want to pull my hair out. I wasnt a bad kid but I did dumb stuff. It will be a learning process FOR SURE!!

Soccer. Well, it wasnt the sport I had in mind all of these years. Basketball was. But Ive really grown to love it and Im sure once I fully understand it, Ill only love it more. I love love love that I finally have a kid who plays sports though!! Of course its my girl, Hannah!!! Girls rule and boys drool!! ;) Ok ok, Ill grow up now. Actually, Max is going to start playing soccer this fall so that makes two!!! Woohoo!!! I still hold out hope that Leo will be my basketball star!!! hehe

Hopefully work. Did that slip past anyone unnoticed? Well, once again Im in limbo. Ill just have to wait and see what happens with this. My crystal ball is in the shop so I cant see the future right now. Things always find a way to work out, one way or another, so Im hoping this time will be no different.

The second anniversary of Angel Owens birth/death has past. I had anxiety leading up to it. Thats my style. I always seem to anticipate the worst and then once it happens, Im thankfully let down and it wasnt as bad as I had thought it would be. I still miss him every single day, but I honestly feel like Leo is connected to Owen and that helps me.

Animals. My gosh, as if I didnt have enough animals before, now I have even more!! (haha I rhymed) We have added Mocha and Shep to our brood. Mocha is a Cocker mix, hes brown and hes a lil bit pudgey, lmao. I rescued him from my favorite place outside my home, my local animal shelter. Shep is a Shepherd puppy and hes technically hubbys dog. He is also a rescue dog from my local animal shelter. One look at him and I knew he was meant for hubby.

I think thats about all thats new and the latest going on with me!! I gotta run!! Leo just woke up from his nap!!

Til next time....