Monday, July 20, 2009


I miss what I almost had.

Thats all.


Friday, July 10, 2009

When is enough just pathetic??

I had this thought rumbling around in my head last night as I was trying to fall asleep. It was quite annoying but it had the voice of Carrie from Sex & the City acompanying it, so that made it tolerable. Here is my thought/question/ponderance:

We have all probably been told that if we want something to go after it and dont stop until we get it.......right??

If you havent been told this, then stop reading right now cuz you just wont get this at all.

Ive been told that, Ive had it pounded it my head to not be a quitter, to not give up and for the most part Ive lived by these "rules".


At what point, or is there a point, that your not quitting, your not giving up, your going after something and not stopping until you get what you what point do you just start to appear pathetic?? At what point is enough more than enough?? At what point are you appearing desperate?? At what point should you get the damn hint and stop already??

Now there are some things, that if its something that only you are involved with, or only you know about that you do, then that may be different......although maybe not, and you are just in denial. Those arent the things I am talking about in this particular blog, so we will worry about those another day. I am talking about the kinds of things that involve other people, that other people are perfectly aware of, that other people have a say in over you, that other people have control of over you. Where is that fine line that determines when they stop seeing you as persistent and dedicated and driven towards a certain cause.....and they start seeing you as desperate and pathetic and just wish you would get the hint already???

I battled this with myself last night and I came to a conclusion for myself regarding this particualr matter I am referring to. If you know me well though, you know that I love other peoples input and thoughts on things. I love to see things from an angle that I might not reach on my own. So tell me......when is enough just pathetic??



Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Camp Mickey Dee's

The 4th of July is a time when many load up and take their families camping. We, or shall I say I, are not really campers. To me, camping involves an RV and internet access and TV access and plug ins and real bathrooms and showers........sounds more fun, doesnt it?? Im just not a fan of bugs and fdirt and creepy sounds in the darkness!! My hubby and kids, however, are a different story!! This year was the first year in many that we had all of our kids with us for the holiday. Hubby and I decided to put up his tent in our backyard. I moved the firepit down there and cleaned off all the outdoor chairs. The kids discovered the tent and they were in it ALL day playing. As dinner time approached, we decided on a cook out. Obvious decision, right!?!? And then as it got dark we enjoyed Smores over the fire. We sat and just relaxed and enjoyed the day together.
The next day we all got up and headed to Akron for the parade. My aunt had gotten up at 7am and walked down in her jammies to set our blankets up. lol The kids were all armed with their bags for candy and it was a fun time!! it wasnt as long of a parade as in years past, but the kids got about a pound of candy each and they enjoyed the parade. After that we walked up to the school to see the amazing display of flags. Its a very cool thing to see!! We then buzzed on over to my Grammas house to say hello, and then kept on walking to the park. By then the rain was starting to set in so we decided to head back to our truck.
We had a birthday party to attend after the parade, so that was our next stop. On the way, we saw the two horses that were painted as American flags from the parade being released back into their pasture. All of their horsemates took off running in the opposite direction!! It was hilarious!! The party was great fun!! It was for my BFFs twins so we got to spend time with her and her BF while all of our kids played. All I can recall is lots of fun and laughter and a bit of Sangria and cupcakes. :)
It was raining during the time the fireworks were to be displayed so we stayed home. I found some fireworks on TV and then our neighbors had some big ones that we could see as well.
It dawned on me yesterday that in one month, the kids will be back to school and we will not be able to enjoy our fun and carefree existence anymore. Im going to make sure that each day is spent having as much fun and family time as possible!!
Til next time...


Wednesday, July 1, 2009