Sunday, December 4, 2011

December is here....

I am 30 weeks today!! :)

I am doing well and so is baby Leo. He is quite the mover and hiccuper!! He gets them at least 3 times a day!! I had a checkup last Friday and he is measuring a smidge big, was head down at the appt, and I am starting my two weeks appts. Holy cow!! That makes it all seem so........close.

Although things are ok with Leo, I still have a hard time believing its real, that Im really going to bring home a baby this time. I guess after what I went through with my angel Owen, that is perfectly understandable. Sometimes, I find myself slipping up and calling Leo by Owens name. Its such a weird thing, being pregnant with a baby, going to the hospital and having that baby, and then not bringing that baby home. It messes with your head a bit. I know that my Owen is in Heaven watching over us, but sometimes my mind gets confused. Im sure once I see Leo's little face looking at me, everything will fall into place and make sense. I look so forward to that day!! Leo Russell Owen, I cant wait to meet you!! Angel Owen is watching over his baby brother and namesake, keeping him safe. <3

Enjoy this Christmas season with your families and remember to live each day to its fullest!!


Sunday, September 25, 2011

Halfway, baby!!!! :)

Today marks 20 weeks!!! Halfway!!! Woohooo!!! :)

To update and catch yall up to speed, I had my Level II ultrasound and baby is a HE and he is healthy!!!! Hubby and I couldnt stop smiling after we left the Perinatalogists office.

Speaking of the Peri's office. I had to go to the same place I did with Owen. Remember Dr. Dickhead? Yeah, he was standing right beside the receptionist when I walked in. I was like, really?? Then, when we were talking with the super nice nurse, she told us that we would be seeing Dr. Dickhead today. I started crying and said no, we are supposed to see the other doctor, they promised I could see the other doctor. She said the other doctor was on vacation. Ugh. I explained to her our experience last time with the Dickhead. I think after she left us she went and told him because he was kissin my butt!! lol The Ultrasound Tech was fabulous!! Dr. Dickhead only popped in long enough to see if I wanted an amnio to which hubby and I said in unison NO! The tech let us know everything she saw and said everything looked good and she had no reason to be concerned. Dr. Dickhead met with us after she was done and gave us the doom and gloom speech he always does about how we wont know for sure unless we do an amnio. We stuck to our guns and said no. He said he would like to see us again in 4 weeks to make sure baby is growing. But we were walking out he said we really didnt have to come back if we didnt want to. So, does that mean he feels confident that baby is ok based on the Level II we just had, or that he knows we cant stand him? lmao I dont know but I dont think we are going back. My OBs have a machine in their office and they will know the measurements from the Level II and can compare it.

Oh, I bet yall wanna know babys name, huh?? Ok, it is.......Leo Russell Owen __________. :) It brings tears to my eyes each time I see it because Leo's big brother Owen got to have his name as a middle name. Thats a big thing for me and my childrens middle names.

So, thats where we are at!! :)

Til next time....



Sunday, September 11, 2011

Monday, September 5, 2011

17 weeks :)

Weve had a bit of a weather shift and it was actually cold today!!! 66!!! Gasp!!! lol I had on two shirts, jeans (Yes, they are maternity, but they are skinny jeans!! lol They didnt fit me with Owen. WOOT!!!), knee socks, and my tall Uggs!!! Brrr!!! I dont think my bump is any bigger than last week, but I took the pic, so what the heck, why not post it? ;)

Til next time....


Friday, August 26, 2011

Pregnancy pics thus far :)

This one was taken at my first appointment and also on the day we got the ultrasound done. I am 12 weeks in this pic. :)

This was taken today. I am creepin up on 16 weeks. These are actually not maternity jeans!! Gotta love low rise!!!!!! lol

I am feeling little bumps every now and then. Im thinkin "hes" givin those long legs of his a stretchin!!

Some folks have asked me if I have names picked out. Umm, yes, but you should know by now that I dont share that info until much later!!!

Im feeling good and pray each day that baby is healthy. Thats all I want!!

Til next time....



Sunday, August 7, 2011

First pic of the lil one....

"Hes" just chillin and loungin around. :) This was 12 weeks and "he" is measuring 13 weeks. What long legs he has!! :)


Well, as you know, I use a picture to go along with my blog of the moment. I think this picture pretty much sums it all up without writing anything.......but, I will anyway. ;)
We are expecting a baby in February!! :) This baby was planned, in case you were wondering. lol
We had an ultrasound last week and everything looks as it should for this date in the pregnancy. Baby is measuring a week ahead which is awesome. My tummy is also measuring a week ahead. I guess we are both just overachievers. ;)
I have a Midwife and three OBs that I am seeing and they are all very nice, caring, and compassionate, and although I will miss my former doctor so much, I feel this is a great trade off.
We will have a Level II ultrasound in a couple of months with a Perinatalogist. They will look at every single part of baby in great detail. We are hoping and praying that we get great news.
I know that yall were with me on last years journey, and I hope that you will still be by my side for this one. I love yall and I couldnt be strong without your support.
I am feeling different with this pregnancy, more like my first three. Ive been queasy, Ive thrown up, Ive been exhausted, Ive cried at the silliest things. That, along with the very good ultrasound we got last week, gives me a great deal of hope that this baby will be ok. :)

I guess thats all. :)

Til next time...


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Smile :)

Thats all ya get!! A big ole smile with some pretty whatever kind of flowers those are!!
Im vagueblogging.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Just this.

No picture.

No paragraphs.

Just this.

Can it stop now?


Make it stop.

Sunday, May 1, 2011


Yep. Thats me!! Big ole blog slacker!!

Im sure youll all forgive me though, right? :)

Things have just been really busy and although they have been busy, not alot has happened. If that makes any sense at all?

This month is one of my faves and it deserves a blog. May!! Its when summer finally gets here and hopefully the rain stops so the flowers can come!! Its when we moved into our house!! Its when Mothers Day is!! lol Its when Rusty and I got married (ten years this year!!)!! Its when Maxers was born!! Its when Head Start has its last day!! Its when RCSC has its last day!! Its when Memorial Day is and that means lakes and pools open for the season!! Dunes, yay!!!

Isnt that a bunch of exciting stuff?? I think so.

Today marked the first day this year that I laid out in the sun. It was actually hot too!!

Today is also Macs birthday!! Hes a big ole six year old like his brother Sisco (his birthday is in Febrary) now. This birthday is especially sweet because on Easter weekend this year we almost lost him to colic. So thankful that the big guy is his old self again. :)

Speaking of thankful, as the dreary months have passed us and the brighter months are beginning, I find myself smiling more and feeling more thankful for all that I have in my life. I have a fantastic family (furry kids included!!) that I wouldnt trade for the world. I have great friends that would do anything for me and me for them. I have a job that I love going to every day. I am very blessed and I dont take it for granted for a second. I know how precious and fleeting it all can be.

I hope that everyone enjoys this month as much as I do!! I dont know when I will blog again. I usually try to have a reason for blogging. Maybe this summer will spew out oodles and oodles of reasons!! lol Or maybe it wont. Ya just never know!!

Til next time....



Sunday, January 2, 2011

Im Either Nuts or Im Normal...

PREFACE: When I had this blog in my head, I didnt have a picture in my head to go with it. I had to write the blog first and then I went in search of a picture to go with it. My first thought was to type in "hold on" in the search box. I found this picture and its perfect. Just thought Id share...

Ok, so my last blog talked about how excited I was for 2010 to go and 2011 to begin. Well, thats still half true.
I discovered as I was watching the ball drop with my husband and kids that a ball was welling in my throat. I was going to cry. I had to suck it up before anybody noticed. It visited me again once everyone was in bed asleep and its been making an appearance every now and then since New Years Eve.
It sounds strange, but as much as I was wanting all of the sadness of 2010 to be gone, I realized that the sadness also held people I love within it. By wanting the sadness to be gone, I was also wanting the people I loved to be gone too, right? Well maybe not, but at the current moment, thats how I feel. I know that no matter if the year changes over, that Owen will not be gone from my heart or my memory. I know that all of my lost loved ones will still be a part of me for as long as I live. I dont know why I am linking the sad events and the people they involved with the year of the events happening? I guess more time and more thinking will straighten it all out.
Or maybe not. lol Im getting used to unanswered questions being a part of my life.
Ill just continue to live and laugh and love and be happy and grateful for what I have. Thats all I can do!! :)
Two blogs in two days......dont get used to that!! ;)