Friday, August 26, 2011

Pregnancy pics thus far :)

This one was taken at my first appointment and also on the day we got the ultrasound done. I am 12 weeks in this pic. :)

This was taken today. I am creepin up on 16 weeks. These are actually not maternity jeans!! Gotta love low rise!!!!!! lol

I am feeling little bumps every now and then. Im thinkin "hes" givin those long legs of his a stretchin!!

Some folks have asked me if I have names picked out. Umm, yes, but you should know by now that I dont share that info until much later!!!

Im feeling good and pray each day that baby is healthy. Thats all I want!!

Til next time....



Sunday, August 7, 2011

First pic of the lil one....

"Hes" just chillin and loungin around. :) This was 12 weeks and "he" is measuring 13 weeks. What long legs he has!! :)


Well, as you know, I use a picture to go along with my blog of the moment. I think this picture pretty much sums it all up without writing anything.......but, I will anyway. ;)
We are expecting a baby in February!! :) This baby was planned, in case you were wondering. lol
We had an ultrasound last week and everything looks as it should for this date in the pregnancy. Baby is measuring a week ahead which is awesome. My tummy is also measuring a week ahead. I guess we are both just overachievers. ;)
I have a Midwife and three OBs that I am seeing and they are all very nice, caring, and compassionate, and although I will miss my former doctor so much, I feel this is a great trade off.
We will have a Level II ultrasound in a couple of months with a Perinatalogist. They will look at every single part of baby in great detail. We are hoping and praying that we get great news.
I know that yall were with me on last years journey, and I hope that you will still be by my side for this one. I love yall and I couldnt be strong without your support.
I am feeling different with this pregnancy, more like my first three. Ive been queasy, Ive thrown up, Ive been exhausted, Ive cried at the silliest things. That, along with the very good ultrasound we got last week, gives me a great deal of hope that this baby will be ok. :)

I guess thats all. :)

Til next time...