Tuesday, September 2, 2014


I have alot of things stirring in my head today, and nothing is good. It is Tuesday, after all. Enough said? Yeah. So, I will focus on just this one thing, and I will make it quick so that I don't stray to other topics.

Words cannot express how much I really really really really really wish that "it" would have worked out how we had wanted it to. You aren't supposed to live with regrets, but this is one regret I think I will always have. That's not saying "it" can't still happen, but NOW would have been a really great time for it to happen. For me. Not for everyone though, and I guess that's why "it" couldn't happen now. Sigh. Always the sacrifice.

So the suffering and enduring will continue..................for who knows how many years.

Oh yay.

That's all.

Til next time...

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